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WOW. What a start to summer.

Pride month is coming to a close. I am simply going to give an account of my Pride weekend and how I spent it. Happy 50th anniversary of the stonewall uprising.

So Toronto Pride was last weekend. Friday I unfortunately had a dentist appointment, therefore I wasn’t able to partake in the Trans March, or any other Pride or recovery related events.

Saturday morning, I met up with a friend, Bridget, we made our way to downtown Toronto for the festivities. We met up with 3 other friends in the Clean Sober and Proud park. This is the venue I began with in experiencing my first sober Pride a couple of short years ago. It has changed locations since then, to a Park that was much more isolated and out of the way, didn’t truly feel as if it was a part of the festivities. Unfortunately this venue was scarcely attended, at least for the brief time I had there.

I will note that Bridget was enjoying her first sober Pride ever. Yay. As we were a little bit late arriving, the Dyke March was assembling causing us a slowdown in our movement. The others graciously awaited us. So we walked over to Church St. and made our way south, stopping for pictures and to simply take in the celebratory mood. Then we made our way back north towards Bloor St. and West to Yonge St, we were able to March along at the tail end of the Dyke March. It was truly a rewarding experience. We followed along all the way south to Carlton St, then East to Sherbourne St. It was truly remarkable to be a part of such a tremendous event.

We were fairly exhausted by this point. It was a gorgeous, sunny day. Not as hot as in the past, however the heat is amplified by the concrete and the crowds of people. We determined that we had enough and grabbed an early dinner in a Cabbagetown pub prior to making our way home.

Sunday morning Bridget and I drove all the way to North Bay Ontario. 3 and 1/4 hours according to Google is actually a 4 hour drive with a couple of quick breaks to refuel and grab food… We met up with a friend from AA, Lena at the Piebird Farm Sanctuary where she is presently interning. It was a pleasure to meet many of the animal friends there. I especially recall Kenneth, turkey friend and his display of gorgeous feathers.

One of the most rewarding parts of the weekend, for me at least was the banter in the car on the way back to North Bay, with Lena along for the 30 minute ride.

The North Bay Secular AA meeting, We Agnostics, is at 4 PM on Sundays. It’s a remarkable meeting. I encourage anyone to make it to the meeting, especially if you find yourself in the area. We were a smaller group of 5. By chance I knew one of the other individuals from Toronto meetings a year or so ago. You are no longer alone, seems appropriate. The sharing was simply astounding. Lena is owed an immense amount of gratitude for sticking with the AA group. I feel so incredibly rewarded by her simple statement of thanks that “Your visit refreshed my commitment to AA!”

The weekend was a stunner weather wise. I feel as though I jammed a lot of summer into the space of a few short days. Experiences and the associated memories are truly what keeps me coming back. We had a fantastic stay at an Airbnb apartment in North Bay for the night. Cute and charming. Clean and comfortable. That sums up the accommodation for me. Then Monday morning after an extraordinary sleep, it was back home. Happy to see Clara, my doggy again. Then it was off to the Whitby Freethinkers AA Meeting Monday evening.

All in all a remarkably successful few days to kick off the summer.

WOW indeed. This residence was accross the street from us…hmm. To quote my friend Bridget “what gay hell is this?”

Sincerely, Andrew H

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  1. Murray J. Murray J. June 30, 2019

    Thanks Andrew for the update. You have been a very busy person! I am happy that Pride month seems to have beenvery successful. And Mother Nature helped out too especially the parade.

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